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Hospital activities of Sundari Mohan Trust

Patient Attendance & Operation Since 1992 to 31-03-2010

Since the present Management Committee took charge of the Hospital in 1992, total No. of 137838 persons were treated as Outpatients, 29474 patients were admitted indoor and 21548 were operated till March 2010.
Apart from people of the surrounding Barak Valley district of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi, a large number of patients also come from adjoining state of Tripura. The majority of our patients are from rural area and belong to lower and lower-middle economic group. The hospital offers medical treatment, specially surgical operations at a very low cost and also provides free service for poor patients, resulting in steady increase in the number of patients over the years.


The Hospital has 49 indoor bed at present and a 16ft. x 16ft. Operation room with adjacent recovery room. There are 15 cabins and 34 general beds.

Residential Accomodation

"Kalyani Bhawan"- the residence of Late Dr.Kalyani Mishra has been renovated to accommodate two units of doctors quarters and a guest room in the ground floor.First floor of Kalyani Bhawan has five guest rooms,kitchen, dinning room and conference room.A separate bungalow type building has been constructed for the Chief Medical Officer and has been named "Biresh Bhawan". The old residential quarters for the hospital staff has been renovated and their capacity increased to accommodate the increasing numbers of hospital staff. A six bed dormitory building has been constructed for trainee nurses with the fund donated by the Overseas Womens Aid from London.

Landscape And Campus Development

A new approach road was constructed in 1996. The parking area in front of the main hospital building was constructed to prevent soil erosion adjacent to the main hospital building.
A flower garden has been developed in front of the main hospital building. A large number of trees have been planted all over the campus. The entire drainage system for rain and waste water has been renovated and partly rebuilt. An incinerator for disposal of hospital waste has been constructed. A barbed wire fencing has been erected around the hospital building and residential quarter. An iron gate has been erected at the main entrance along with a cattle grid for protection of the front garden.

Electric Installation

A new diesel generator of 40 KV. capacity installed in 2004.

X-RAY Machine

A 60MA portable X-Ray machine from its beginning is located in X-Ray room in ground floor.

Pathological Laboratory

A new laboratory has been started to carry out routine hematological & biochemical tests. Some old laboratory equipments and glass wares were already with us. We had to purchase few more items and colorimeter to get the lab started. It needs further upgrading in near future.

Operation Theatre

Operation theater was started in a corner room of 1st floor of the main hospital building by installing an old fixed-height examination cum minor operation table and old stand model theater light. A new Boyle's machine was purchased for general anesthetic by donation received from our Donors. Surgical instruments and few other anesthetic equipments were purchased at that time. A cardiac monitor was installed in 1995 by donation received from Dr.S.B.Paul of Cheam., Surrey U.K. A new theater table was installed by donation received from Mr. Ram Avtar Agartala, proprietor of Barak Valley Alloys Industrial farm of Srikona. A new hydraulic OT-Table was donated by Dr. A.N. Bhattacharjee of New Delhi in the year 2000.

Water Supply

Our main source of water is pond near hospital entrance. It's capacity was increased by digging it deeper during 1996 winter. Several new storage tanks and new pipeline were installed to meet the increased demand. However the present position of water supply is still inadequate, especially during the winter season and to meet this problem arrangements are being made towards the exploration for a deep tube-well. Tapping a good ground water source might permanently solve one of the biggest problems. A big collection tank was constructed at the top of the hillock for rain water harvesting in 2004.
The water purification plant at the hill top was constructed by donation from Mr. Ranajit Dutta from U.S.A.


Hospital records and accounts are now totally computerized by implementing software `SMSB_HMS` by the software development company Integer Solution, Meherpur, Silchar. It is running in a client-server architecture in which one server and five client machines are interconnected through Local Area Network(LAN). Now Money Receipt, Patient Bills, Pathological Reports, Bed occupancy status and Accounts are all computerized which has made the process easier, faster and smoother.

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